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Massage Aotearoa New Zealand (MANZ) is the only massage therapy specific membership body in New Zealand for professional Massage Therapists. Our purpose is to promote massage therapy and the ongoing development of the massage industry in New Zealand through educating the public about the benefits of massage therapy for health and wellness and supporting the public to access high quality massage therapy through our database of MANZ registered Massage Therapists. 


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Organisational structure & staff

As a professional membership organisation representing professional massage therapists from all over New Zealand, Massage Aotearoa New Zealand Incorporated (MANZ) is governed by Te Rōpū Kaitiaki/Executive Committee made up of members that represent the variety of professional backgrounds that MANZ members come from.

Te Rōpū Kaitiaki is responsible for carrying out all matters related to the objectives of the association as set out in the Constitution, setting the strategic direction of the organisation and ensuring that the business and affairs of MANZ are well managed and consistent with the Constitution and Rules of the association. The committee consists of 2 Co-chairs, a Treasurer, an Education Officer and 5 non-specific Te Rōpū Kaitiaki/Executive Committee members. Executive positions are elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and positions are held for a period of two years. Each Executive Committee member has a specific portfolio of responsibilities and tasks. In addition to executive positions, there are also some non-executive positions - NZQA Liaison and 2 Magazine Editors, and an Education sub-committee. The non-executive roles are elected at the AGM and are held for one year.

MANZ also has two paid administration staff who carry out the administrative support functions for the organisation. The General Administrator reports directly to the Te Rōpū Kaitiaki/Executive Committee, carries higher level administrative functions and supports the Executive in their work as well as deals with membership, advertising and general administration. A Financial Administrator who supports the Treasurer and carries out financial related administrative tasks.

Organisational structure

The current MANZ Te Rōpū Kaitiaki/Executive Committee comprises 2 Co-chairs, a Treasurer, an Education Officer and 5 non-specific Te Rōpū Kaitiaki/Executive Committee members (each with an assigned portfolio)

Te Rōpū Kaitiaki/Executive Committee

Co-chair - Florence Samuels

With the wealth of experience and knowledge that lies within this collective, this is an exciting time to be on board with MANZ.
  • BHS. Neuromuscular Therapy, 2020 NZCM Wellington
  • Dip.HSc. Massage & Sports Therapy
  • Dip.HSc. Therapeutic Massage

My family, my culture and my proclivity to help people have continually influenced my vocational journey into massage therapy. Growing up and watching my Samoan grandmother treat my father and his rugby teammates with the practice of fofō, I was intrigued and sensed a connection to healing touch.

Almost 5 years has passed since my business partner and I opened our clinic, Origin Manual Therapy in Wellington, and within that short time, it has been a privilege to witness and be part of a growing appreciation for massage therapy.

Being part of an executive committee or involved in any governance related work has never fallen within my radar of interest. When the opportunity to join the Massage New Zealand Executive Committee was first presented to me, I was reluctant. But after the completion of my degree in 2020, a rewarding 2021 of being truly present in clinic, and a rejuvenating break with family over the festive season, I came into 2022 with a more open perspective and decided to take the step into the fold.

I’m anticipating a steep learning curve in joining this executive committee; but when does learning ever end right? With the wealth of experience and knowledge that lies within this collective, this is an exciting time to be on board with the existing members. During the uncertain time and environment that we’re all navigating at the moment, there is a feeling of purpose in being part of potential change and development for our industry; and that is something to look forward to.

Florence was co-opted onto the Executive Committee in February 2022.

Email Co-chair (Florence and Bernie)

Co-chair - Bernie Te Moni-Withington

I am looking forward to  establishing a solid foundation to develop our future whakawhanaungatanga of massage therapy, allied health, and primary health care.
  • 2020 Bachelor of Health Studies (NMT), NZCM Wellington
  • 2020 Decongestive Lymphatic Therapy, Casley-Smith Australia
  • 2018 Oncology Massage, OML Australia

I began my massage career about four years ago in 2017, by renting a room at an Osteopath clinic in Wellington CBD. After our first COVID lockdown I threw caution to the wind and started Waiora Collective, a Complementary Therapies & Holistic Health studio in Porirua.

As a fledgling in our industry, it may seem odd that I have agreed to be thrown in the deep end as Co-chair and hold the Complaints portfolio for our association. I often said while studying at NZCM that I would participate and contribute to our governing body. So, here I am.

Massage New Zealand Incorporated is ready for progression. Our deficit of matauranga and Te Tiriti o Waitangi in our documentation and policies, highlights the necessity to implement our kawanatanga in a more inclusive environment.

Working collaboratively with fellow Co-chair, Florence Samuels will have many advantages, and I am looking forward to learning from her and establishing a solid foundation to develop our future whakawhanaungatanga of massage therapy, allied health, and primary health care.

So, if you want to be part of this exciting progression, please contact us, as there are plenty of work groups where your participation will be valued.

Bernie was co-opted as Vice-President in May 2021. This role was then altered to Co-chair and ratified at the Special General Meeting on 1st August 2021. Bernie was elected as Co-chair at the AGM in September 2021.

Bernie looks after the MANZ complaints portfolio. Email: Complaints 

For other executive related matters, email Bernie: Co-chair

Treasurer - Vicki Scott (looking for replacement)

The lovely people on the MANZ Executive Committee, their enthusiasm and passion are what inspired me to put my name forward and I look forward to being part of the team.
  • Degree in Applied Science (completed 2nd year)
  • BCom – Accounting
  • ALA Accredited Lymphoedema Practitioner
  • Diploma in Reflexology
  • Certificate in Oncology Massage - OM1 & OM2

I commenced my journey into Bodywork only 6 years ago, starting with a Relaxation & Rejuvenation Massage course at the Lotus College here in Dunedin. I found I loved working with the feet so I Completed a Diploma in Reflexology. While attending a workshop on Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage (RLD) I discovered the lymphatic system, and it became one of my passions.

I attended many workshops over the next couple of years and in 2019 I went back to Otago Polytech to complete the second year of the Degree in Applied Science. Early 2020 I completed my Decongestive Therapist training and am now a certified therapist. I have also completed training in Oncology Massage and Scar therapy. I love what I do and am continually learning.

Alongside of training for my new massage career I have been working in my other career as a Management Accountant for a local business.

Previously, I have been the Treasurer for my children’s school BOT and Reflexology New Zealand. On both committees I was involved with Policy, Strategic planning, and HR. I feel these skills will help, as we progress to increase our recognition as a respected professional body.

Vicki was elected as Treasurer at the AGM in 2021.

Email: Treasurer

Secretary - Vacant 

Approx. 5 hrs/wk*, 2-year term. Promote transparency, governance, and compliance. Enhance skills in secretarial practice, networking, and ethical conduct. Contribute to the massage therapy community. Stay updated on legal requirements. Join us for a fulfilling journey in professional development and community support. If interested, Email: Executive Administrator 

*Includes a regular monthly General (Te Rōpū Kaitiaki) Meeting

Education Officer & AHANZ Rep - Shelley Moana Hiha

I would love for MANZ to develop as an organisation that organically gives effect to Te Tiriti o Waitangi; able to reflect that we are a profession within Aotearoa New Zealand with a uniqueness that is ours because of the land we are living in, for the benefit of all.
  • Diploma in Clinical Sports and Massage
  • Diploma in Therapeutic Massage
  • Reiki Master
  • Diploma in Intuitive Vibrational Healing

Massage Journey

My initiation to massage was from my dad and I followed in his footsteps of providing massage to whanau and sports teams for aroha. Later after a serious neck injury massage was one of the few therapies, along with aromatherapy baths, that helped with pain management. I decided to retrain, to shift sport and holistic wellbeing from hobbies to a career. My professional career in massage began as the first fulltime massage locum in Auckland until I settled into a contract position with HealthZone Medical Clinic specialising in sports massage.

I commenced teaching massage shortly after graduating, having staff training and educator experience and continue working in massage education.

Journey onto the Executive

After providing a lot of feedback during the MANZ review in 2020-2021, I decided that I needed to be involved and not just protest from the side lines. It is important to me to give back and support future massage therapists to achieve their life goals and enter the profession I love so much. My journey in massage has been supported by others throughout my career which is one of the great things about this profession and industry. I am proud to be a massage therapist and my wish is that massage therapists continue to graduate as well educated, informed, client centred, culturally responsive, professional, holistic practitioners who love what they contribute to their communities.

To me Massage Aotearoa New Zealand needs to be membership driven and responsive; inclusive: open to new ideas and ways of operating; be political and advocate for the profession and influence the industry; be proactive and provide leadership. That leadership needs to be membership driven through engagement and involvement so that our national association influences the direction for our profession. We on the executive are human and if you leave it to us alone, you get our best but from a limited number of perspectives. My wish is for membership to get involved and help to get massage integrated and recognised in our countries healthcare system, acknowledging the contribution massage therapists make to wellbeing in Aotearoa New Zealand. So provide MANZ feedback, ideas and propose solutions for old problems to assist the association to be more representative of the larger collective.

Shelley Moana was elected as Executive Committee Member at the AGM in September 2021. In December 2021, Shelley Moana took on the portfolio of AHANZ rep for MANZ. In 2023 Shelley Moana was elected as Education Officer at the AGM

Executive Committee Member - Felicity Molloy

My aim is to share rich forms of critical enquiry that extend our perceptions of the body in various stages of life with evidence-informed practice. I look forward to reaching out to massage practitioners and prompting diverse approaches to increasing the benefits of knowing about research in professional practice.
  • PhD AERA Qualitative Research SIG 2018 outstanding award for a doctoral dissertation
  • MEd GDHE
  • Senior Level 3 Teacher Yoga Australia/NZ
  • Dip. Remedial Massage
  • Dance Victorian College of Arts

Felicity brings more than 25 years of clinical massage, education and research experience. Felicity was drawn to the enquiry of human movement as a communicative form through somatics and contemporary dance. She completed her Diploma in Remedial Therapy at Wellpark College (1995) and worked at the Westmere clinic (BodyStill) since 2000. With tertiary qualifications in education, Felicity helped develop Relaxation Massage and Applied Anatomy courses in the early days of NZQA. Also, then undergraduate dance degrees at Unitec (BPASA), the University of Auckland and AUT. In 2014, Felicity became the Wellpark College Programme Leader for Massage and Yoga, and Education Advisor teaching Naturopathy and Nutrition students research methods and critical thinking. In order to maintain ‘practice’ as the source of knowing the body, Felicity maintains a long-term yoga practice with Senior Iyengar teacher, Peter Thompson.

Felicity was co-opted as an Executive Committee Member in November 2021, and ratified at the 2022 AGM (previously Research Officer from September 2018 to May 2020). 

Email: Felicity Molloy via the MANZ Administrator 

Executive Committee Member - Wayne George

My motivation to remain an active member of MANZ and the opportunity to join the Executive Committee revolves around utilising my knowledge, built from our industry, and transferring my governance knowledge/experience to assist the MANZ organisation to move forward and to support our membership.
  • Diploma in Therapeutic Massage Level 6

Wayne was born and raised in Wales, where he qualified as a diesel mechanic within the coal mining industry until moving to NZ in 1980.

My family, of my wife of 43 years, two adult sons and 5 granddaughters are the light of my life and investing quality time with them is one of my main motivators.

I've been a qualified RMT for 18 years and a member of MINZI/MANZ also for 18 years. simultaneously, I've been a first aid trainer/responder for 17 years.

My clinical practise has been in operation for exactly 20 years as I compile this bio! I have a major interest in stroke rehabilitation, having suffered and fully recovered from the effects of such as a teenager. Another area of my industry expertise is in the elite sport massage sector, which has offered me wonderful opportunities and the privilege of working with and treating many national and international squads since 2006.

I'll hit the ground running and very much look forward to working with the current Executive team.

Wayne was elected as an Executive Committee Member at the AGM in September 2022.

Email: Wayne George 


Executive Committee Member - Lauryn Johnston

I joined MANZ as an executive member as I think I can bring valuable experience and knowledge. I want to raise the profile of evidenced-based women’s health massage and Aromatherapy and help to raise the profile of massage therapy within the health sector of Aotearoa, New Zealand.
  • 2022 Healthy Seminars - Obstetric Acupuncture -UK

  • 2022 Spinning Babies® Workshop- NZ
  • 2021 Wellmother -Diploma in Pregnancy Massage – UK
  • 2019 NCNZ Diploma in Health Sciences Level 5 – NZ
  • 2017 SIT -Certificate in Health Sciences Level 3 – NZ
  • 2016 Bliss Baby -Yoga Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training – NZ
  • 2016 PVA Ayurvedic Herbology and Pharmacology – India
  • 2015 PVA Ayurvedic Massage and Panchakarma Therapy –India
  • 2014 Pregnancy Massage Australia Certificate – Australia
  • 2012 TTC - Traditional Thai Massage certificate –Thailand
  • 2009/13 WRC Western Herbology Diploma - Canada
  • 2008 ITEC -Diploma in Holistic Massage -Scotland
  • 2008 ITEC -Diploma in Aromatherapy - Scotland
  • 2003 New Zealand School of Massage - Certificate in Massage - NZ

My massage career started in 2003 with a weekend course at NZCM. I was drawn to massage to help my father, who has psoriatic arthritis. Since my first course, I have worked, studied, and trained therapists around the world.

In 2014 I found my niche working with pregnant women, as I worked in a clinic next to three maternity hospitals in Sydney, where many pregnant clients came in and sometimes visited in latent labour. I thought I had sufficient training in this area but after an incident where a pregnant woman passed out on the table, I took every course I could on Pregnancy Massage & Prenatal Aromatherapy. I have trained with many of the world's experts, including Carole Osborne, Suzanne Yates, Tisserand and Paula Jasper.

When I returned to New Zealand in 2016, because of my expertise, I was welcomed by NZCM Wellington to be a tutor and write course content for Pregnancy Massage, Aromatherapy and Advanced Prenatal Massage CPD courses.

Since being back in New Zealand, I have created a thriving practice caring for women in their childbearing years and woman with chronic pain. I have also been involved in research for Aromatherapy as a topic expert. I strive to keep up to date in the industry and am currently studying at Wintec for a level 6 Diploma in Remedial Massage which will be finished in 2023.

Lauryn was elected as an Executive Committee Member at the AGM in September 2022. 

Email: Lauryn Johnston

Executive Committee Member - Vacancies

If you are an MANZ member interested in learning more about being part of the Executive Committee then feel free to get in touch! Email the Administrator for a copy of a Role Description or contact the Co-chairs for more information. 

Sub Committee

Education Committee - Pip Charlton, Joanna Tennent, Susan Zwaagdijk

Non Executive Posts

Magazine Co-Editor - Rachel Ah Kit

As the massage therapy industry strives for better recognition in the healthcare sector, it will be even more important for massage therapists to have access to quality, evidence-based information they are able to incorporate in their own practice.
  • Dip. Massage Therapy
  • PG Dip. HSc (Pain & Pain Mgmt) (graduating in Oct 2020)
  • Bachelor of Business Studies

After working for many years in marketing, I decided it was time for a change. I chose to study massage therapy full-time at the (now defunct) Canterbury College of Natural Medicine and joined MANZ as a student in 2010. Immediately after graduating I opened my own clinic, Bodyworks Massage Therapy, operating in Christchurch for over 10 years, currently with three clinic rooms.

I've also taught at the New Zealand College of Massage and New Zealand College of Chinese Medicine, enjoying the chance to help develop the next generation of therapists.

Being a member if MANZ is an important part of my professional development. My MANZ practicing certificate is proudly displayed in clinic reception, along with those of all other contracted therapists, signalling to clients that we all meet a high standard of training and competency.

My interest in working with people living with persistent pain, lead me to further study and I will complete my Postgraduate Diploma in Health Science, endorsed in Pain & Pain Management, from the University of Otago in October 2020. Next year I will commence my research-based Master's degree, adding to the growing body of clinically applicable evidence for massage therapy.

I look forward to working with Odette to further develop the platform that she and outgoing co-editor, Carol, have built, creating a truly world-class industry magazine.

Rachel was appointed to the position of Magazine Co-editor at the 2020 AGM.

Email: Magazine Editor



General Administrator - Bridie Munro

Bridie is excited to channel her energy into MANZ's continuous success story

Meet Bridie Munro, a passionate advocate for the human body and a registered Massage Therapist and Yoga Teacher. With a deep dedication to creating a bridge between theoretical knowledge and hands-on body awareness, Bridie excels in adapting modern yoga and bodywork techniques to cater to individual needs, whether it's addressing medical conditions, post-injury recovery, or managing pain.

Beyond her expertise in bodywork, Bridie brings a dynamic administrative flair to MANZ. Her diverse experience encompasses managing software tools, websites, and social media platforms, along with steering memberships and clinic operations. What's more, Bridie has a special connection with MANZ, actively contributing through volunteer roles on the education committee and even spearheading the organisation of the 2017 MANZ conference. This speaks volumes about her dedication to advancing Massage Therapy as a respected and cherished profession in New Zealand. With her passion, skills, and vibrant spirit, Bridie is excited to channel her energy into MANZ's continuous success story.

Finance Administrator - Vicki Jopson

Born and educated in Dunedin. I graduated from Otago Polytechnic with a Diploma in Accounting. I am a member of the Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand. I have had more than 20 years experience assisting clients with their accounting and taxation needs; navigating compliance requirements.

Outside of work I enjoy walks on the beach at our crib in Taieri Mouth. Visiting family in Melbourne & knitting for my grandbabies.

Email: Finance Administrator

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